Boyd Nielsen resides in Brigham City, Utah with his wife Sheila.  He is the father of two children and grandfather of eight.  He is the founder of Nielsen Genealogical Services and has been involved in genealogical research for over 50 years. He began practicing as a professional genealogist on a part-time basis in 1966.  He has been performing professional genealogical research on a full-time basis since 1995.  He specializes in Scandinavian, Germanic, British, and North American research. He holds a bachelor’s degree in English and German from Utah State University. He is a member of the Utah Genealogical Association and Association of Professional Genealogists and is an accredited genealogist through ICAPGen®.  He currently serves as a Commissioner for ICAPGen®, on the Grading Committee for ICAPGen®, and the Scandinavian Chair for ICAPGen®